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 Social Studies Homework

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PostSubject: Social Studies Homework   Social Studies Homework Icon_minitimeMon Apr 20, 2009 3:33 pm

Hey guys, I was wondering about the S.S. homework that includes the sheets or in your cases the notes from the debate. On number 1 it says to pick 2 people who have opposing opinions of the Expansion of Rome. Then next instructions are to answer every question (the questions at the bottom). Does that mean ALL the questions (I mean from every single sheet or in your cases notes ((maybe?))) or does that just mean all the questions on the sheets/notes that you chose? I hope it's the latter, 'cause that means I'm half way done with number 1. HELP! affraid pale silent Sad Exclamation Question bounce study scratch confused

Never mind, I just realized that Mr. Labrache is being cruel to me by giving me tons of homework. NNNOOO!! Crying or Very sad affraid Mad Evil or Very Mad Sad pale
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Social Studies Homework
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